Here's what our students are saying:

"A good product at a great price. I would recommend Canprep to anyone, especially if youíre on a tight budget."

"I didnít get the score I needed the first time I took the test. I prepared with ------ and was getting good results, but when I took the actual test, I scored much lower. I liked what I read about Canprep, they only use official material in their programs, so I signed up. After a month of preparation using Canprep, I took the test again and scored well. The result was almost the same as my practice results form the official material. The Canprep system really works. Thanks."

"I purchased the ------- book first, but the lack of feedback had me worried about what my result would really be. After I purchased Canprep, I received lots of feedback, and got the score I needed. Thanks for your emails."

"I didnít know anything about the test, lots of mysterious and unknown things, and I was concerned it wouldnít be fair. Canprep answered all my questions, and made me feel much more confident. Thanks for your email support."

"Iím from ------, which is a poor country. I did not have much money for a preparation program. The Universities here require the GMAT for MBA. Canprep was the only program I could afford. I was pleased with the program. It is good value for money. I passed my test."

"Iíd just like to say that I was amazed at how quickly I was able to grasp the concepts of the test. It would have taken me months to figure out on my own. Canprep had me on top of the test within a week. An excellent direct approach that works."

"I took the test a few years ago, but never got around to going to school. Unfortunately I had to take the test all over again, and Canprep was the perfect refresher. Thank you very much."

"I just ordered Canprep, and WOW is it different than the books that I already have. It gets right to the point step by step: 1-2-3 and I can answer the questions. The program does not waste time. If you need to prepare quickly, this is the book."

"The essay prep really sets this program apart from the others. I was fairly confident I could do well in the multiple choice sections, but was worried about the essays. Canprep has the best essay prep. Even if you are a good writer, this program will improve your essay results. I really like the helpful critique, and I got my results in less than a day. I am happy to recommend it."

"I couldnít justify spending $1000 on test prep. My husband would not have been pleased. Canprepís book was just the ticket, and it worked. Thank you for a great deal."

"I took the test and only scored 910, which was not good enough! I bought Canprep, worked for 6 weeks, and scored 1130. Thanks Canprep!"

"I got Canprep out of desperation; my test date was coming up. I had bought an online program from ------ for $695 US, but after a few weeks in the course I was bored. They beat around the bush for ever with tons of useless exercises and junk. I donít have high speed, so everything was slow, and I couldnít get the one-on-one stuff to work. With the Canprep book, the email support was great and no problem with my connection. Also the prep material gets right to the meat with no messing around. I recommend Canprep. BTW: it cost me a less than a tenth the price of the other course."

"If youíre looking for the real thing at realistic prices, look no further. Canprep is it."

"Donít let the price fool you. This program is every bit as good as the ones that sell for 10 times as much. I know, Iíve done both. Donít throw your money away like I did. Get Canprep first."

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